Mansard Roof Corners

At Leadworx we can manufacture all kinds of bespoke pieces and have them delivered to you. Here we have a range of corner sections requested by a client where a mansard roof meets flat roofs, sloping walls and dormers.

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More window trays!

Several people have been in touch saying that water has been getting into their property around the newly installed windows. Fitters it seems don't always install window trays so heavy rain eventually gets in through gaps. We have made a lot of these recently with...

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Lead Window Trays

At Leadworx we make various products including these window trays made to measure and delivered to you.  

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Special Order Lead Products

At Leadworx we make a range of stock products as well as bespoke items for those tricky areas. Here we have a selection of some of the more recent examples.  

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Gold Standard For Leadworx Quality Control

Now unveiling the new Leadworx brand quality control stamp. When you see this stamp on a product you know it comes from Leadworx and is the sign of a quality product. Keep your eye out for these little discs as an alternative business...

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Lead Dormer Corner Flashings

Dormer corner flashings are used to weather proof the join between a dormer and the roof tiles. These corner flashings are ready to install providing a long lasting, good looking finish to your...

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